Sara Pierce graduated from Simmons College in Boston in 1983 with a degree in Physical Therapy. Her orientation towards a more holistic approach has influenced her further training and career. With that in mind, she studied consciousness studies for 12 years; attended the Acadia School of Massage in Bar Harbor, Maine (2010) and received a Masters in Integrative Health and Healing from the Graduate Institute in Bethany,CT in 2014. Sara also has certifications in Transformative Meditation and Holistic Stress Management Instructor.

Sara currently offers services in Mount Desert, Maine; Naples, Florida; and Key Colony Beach, Florida. Classes, intensives and workshops are created wherever requested as possible. In the past these have occurred in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Florida, England, Connecticut and California. She also offers Skype and phone coaching services.

Sara is also involved in the nonprofit, Children, Families and Communities, which can be found at www.childrenfamiliescommunities.org

As I explore and discover this healing practice I offer what I have learned along the way. In this way I am a guide towards your healing. Patiently and compassionately we have the opportunity to “become more of who we truly are”. How we get to these pieces is as individual as each one of us is.

I welcome the idea that all healing paths are useful and not. It’s my experience that each path has offered me a window into “partial truths”.

I deeply believe in the idealistic view of many paths, one destination. I’m not interested in rejecting concepts but adopting curiosity. Nor am I interested in choosing one method and rejecting all others. At a certain place all healing paths intersect, and that is my area of focus.

It is my aspiration to guide self-discovery along each individual’s healing path in relationship to their body and consciousness with themselves and others.

My work is constantly evolving from learning differences in education and life; to the study of movement; to the inner experience of physical structure; to the development of children and the development of family; to the integration of physical, emotional, energetic and mental self; to the exploration of Nature and humanness; to the study and experience of the spiritual realities of love, compassion, forgiveness, All and wholeness; to the exploration of flow in many forms and dimensions; to the gifts of recovery and remembrance; to adult and adult relationship; to creating life in honor of destiny; to exploring stillness and insight of the mind. All of these “parts” or “partial truths” along a healing path are singular and universal in nature.

Peace is
A kind word,
A gentle touch,
Compassionate understanding,
Clear boundaries,
Respectful support of one another.
We find peacefulness within ourselves.

All this requires daily conscious awareness of ourselves. My mission is for each of us to live our purpose. The possibility of that is much greater in peace.

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Bluewater Intentions North, LLC 2004 – present

Owner and provider of holistic healing services and classes to children, families, adults, educational, healing and health professionals

Services include Presence in Healing bodywork and classes; myofascial release, craniosacral therapy; massage therapy; holistic healing coaching, Alo in Agua (waterwork), meditation instructor, Yin Yoga teacher.

Teaching experience includes introductory, 3 hour, full day and multi-day workshops primarily in an experiential format. Titles include: Grace in Family; Stillness; Introduction to Presence in Healing; PTSD-An exploration for body workers; Beliefs-Whose are they anyways?; Presence-Present time, where choice is made; ADD and State Regulation; Support and Control-What’s the difference?; Play-How to create a life; etc

Children Families and Communities 1992 – present

Cofounder and developer of this 501c3 nonprofit, an alliance of parents, professionals and individuals passionately committed to providing creative opportunities for learning, growing, and healing.

Provider of physical therapy, presence in healing and consultations.

Founder and Instructor of Presence in Healing Apprentice program supported by Children, Families and Communities.

Developer of Self Discovery in Recovery, an experiential process for those in recovery from a variety of addictions.

Founder of the Prayer Flag Project, an awareness and fund raising opportunity for peace for children.

Being With Children As We Are by Sara Pierce and Karen Sjostrom Hedger — Being with Children As We Are provides a framework for adults to learn to thoughtfully observe children’s behavior and capabilities with a mindful, curious and nonjudgmental viewpoint. Parents and caregivers can create “a balance of control and support that changes in the moment” for their children, from the perspective of self-awareness and presence. Readers may find themselves expanding and growing along with their children. A heart-full guidebook to conscious and creative parenting.

Private Physical Therapy Practice 1986 – 1992

Self Employed Physical Therapist primarily serving children birth to 5 with contracts in outpatient settings including home visiting, educational settings and special needs programs.

Provider of Infant Assessments.

Co-teacher and Co-developer of “Creating a Developmentally Appropriate Program to Respond to Individual Needs within an Early Childhood Program”, a 40 hour course.

First Start classroom coordinator and presenter.

Multiple clinical sites 1983-1986

Sites included Boston Children’s Hospital; Easter Seals; Mount Desert Island Hospital and Wailuku Physical Therapy


The Graduate Institute, Bethany, CT
Master of Art, 2014
Integrative Health and Healing

Simmons College, Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science, 1983
Certificate in Physical Therapy, 1983
ME License PT 629

Acadia School of Massage, Bar Harbor, ME
Massage school graduate 2010
ME License MT 4406
CT License MT 006885
FL License MA 8131

NCBTMB Certification

Holistic Stress Management Instructor Certification

Integrated Awareness ® Training
2008 Advanced Brain 40 hours
2006 New Domains 40 hours
2005 and 2006 Truly Sane Human
2004 year long Brain Map Course, advanced
2002 year long Course in Self Trust, advanced
Lever Certified
Teacher Certification, 2001, 3 year course, unmaintained

Craniosacral Training
2017 Unwinding Meridians: Applying Acupuncture Principles to CST 1
2015 Craniosacral and Immune Response: Palpating and Treating the Pelvis
2015 Craniosacral and Immune Response, TA
2014 Craniosacral Therapy and Immune Response: Inflammation and Heart Disease
2013 Craniosacral Therapy and Immune Response
2013 SomatoEmotional Release
1998-1999 Craniosacral I and II

Myofascial Release
2014 Quantum Leap
2014 MFR 2
2013 MFR Rebounding
2013 Fascial-Pelvis MFR
2013 Myofascial Unwinding
2013 MFR 1

WaterDance Training
2011 10 hour, Florida
2010 10 hour. Maine

Aquacranial Training
2003, two trainings, including deep water

Other Bodywork
2014 The Inside Out Paradigm©: Visceral Mobilization, Progression of Gall Bladder Dysfunction/ Disease
2013 Muscle Energy Technique –Axial Spine, Pelvis, Ribs
2013 Shiatsu
2013 Ayurvedic Bodywork (Garshana, Abhyanga, Nestri Basti)
2000, Visceral Manipulation IA
1999, Core Zero Balancing

2012 Transformative Meditation Certification

2015 Gangster Yoga certification
2014 Yin Yoga 50 hour training

Other Training
2015 Transformative Coach training
2013 Acudetox Specialist Training and Certification

Ongoing Mentoring
Yoga, osteopathic techniques, coaching, Eastern medicine/ healing, nutrition, essential oils

Other Areas of Interest
Family; Movement; All aspects of healing and wellness; Recovery; Hiking; Wandering; Travel; Oceans/Water; Consciousness; Multi Media Art; Good times and fine friends; Learning

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